I’m James Bridgewater.

I’ve been making a living in the tech business since the mid-nineties and had the good fortune to work on some really interesting projects, from cell phones and digital cameras to virtual reality systems for rodents. I know that last one sounds funny, but experimental neuroscientists love them.

In 2017, after three years in Houston, Hurricane Harvey convinced me to relocate and I started working as a consultant after reconnecting with a college friend whose accounting firm needed some software development help. Now I specialize in working with accountants.


“James helped us update our software for a Fortune 500 customer during their e-commerce platform transition. After our previous software developer had missed our delivery deadline, James was able to get up to speed quickly and help us make a timely delivery that met our customer’s expectations. We have worked with him on two more occasions to deliver feature additions for the same customer.”

Chris Pounds, Principal, DS Tax

“I worked closely with James on several projects over the course of three years. I was repeatedly impressed by his software development abilities and his determination to find solutions to difficult problems.”

Xaq Pitkow, PhD, Principal Investigator, Baylor College of Medicine

“When our software development hit a standstill, James was brought in to help. James not only solved our software development problems but consistently provided solutions that exceeded our original goals in a time efficient manner.”

Reuben Fan, PhD, Research Scientist, Lurie Children’s Hospital